Canadian Folk Music Award Nomination

Hey all,

Excited to be nominated for a 2014 Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Vocal Group of the Year. Hurrah for singing!

Let’s face it, this is a 96% Adrian Glynn award, but Brendan will take credit for adding just the right bit of generic-ism. You can’t be a group with one!

And on a serious note, thanks to all the people who sing with us: Ali Romanow, Chris Suen, Matt Elwood, Ben Elliot — and especially to Derek Kehler, Brandy Zdan, and Sahra Featherstone, who sang on Everything Will Happen — as well as the great people who came out for gang vocals during the biggest snowstorm in Toronto in the last 15 years. We heart you big time.

We are on the East Coast this weekend for a show at the Company House and a showcase at Contact East in Pictou. See you there!