The Fugitives

The Fugitives, established in 2007, have released four records, which have been nominated for multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Western Canadian Music Award. Their previous album, Everything Will Happen, spent ten weeks on the top ten Canadian folk charts, and earned them a support slot across Western Canada with Buffy Sainte-Marie and an appearance at UK’s Glastonbury Festival. Their follow-up, The Promise of Strangers, is set for release on January 26th on Borealis Records.


The EP Reviews Are In

The EP is not yet a week old but the reviews are starting to come in. Below are some snippets - feel free to click on the link to see the articles in full! Sprightly lead track 'Breaking Promises' makes it clear that the group is still drawing from a deep artistic well. The tune makes ample use of the quartet's tight, note-perfect harmonies from the opening bars through to the final notes... It's easy to see how The Fugitives have become a favourite on the festival circuit. The band's fresh take on folk music is a far cry from the old patchouli-and-acoustic-guitars stereotype, instead building on the melodic foundations of roots music and giving it their own updated spin. – Spinner

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An inventive piece of art... The Fugitives have put together a short five track EP incorporating perfect harmonies with spoken word lyrics... a good change of pace from the sludgy rock and bubblegum pop infesting the airwaves. Between the strong vocals and the artistic flare, there's something enjoyable in each of the five songs. The Fugitives have completely their own style and Find Me proves it. – The Gauntlet

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'Find Me' is soaked in folk-feel and Canadiana, with touches of gypsy flair: banjos, mandolins and accordions all figure into the sad sonic translations of loneliness...They seem to have really gelled as a band and deliver tight, well-composed music that demonstrates great storytelling and lyrical ability. The diverse EP shows creativity and imagination, giving a sampling of the spectrum that the Fugitives are capable of. – Discorder

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The vocal harmonies on this five-song EP are top-notch. – CHARTattack

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The band moves around a lot, beginning with "Breaking Promises," which sounds like something Simon and Garfunkel might have done circa Bookends, and including the spoken word "Music." The former speaks of their pop-folk accessibility while the latter offers a challenge. – Vancouver Province (Vancouver)

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