The Fugitives

The Fugitives, established in 2007, have released four records, which have been nominated for multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Western Canadian Music Award. Their previous album, Everything Will Happen, spent ten weeks on the top ten Canadian folk charts, and earned them a support slot across Western Canada with Buffy Sainte-Marie and an appearance at UK’s Glastonbury Festival. Their follow-up, The Promise of Strangers, is set for release on January 26th on Borealis Records.


Eccentrically We Love Reviews

Hey everyone, While we were out on the road the reviews for the new album started coming in. Here's a host of them:

“An eclectic and exciting sound that defies genres….there’s something new on every track. Folk-inspired ballads like “City of Rain” and “All This Trouble” pull you in, and rousing tunes like “Sober Enough” heat your blood up; the quiet, festering energy behind “Start a War” made that track my album favourite. The Fugitives’ lyrics are smart and real, with enough wit and irony to make me listen on repeat. A band this multi-talented could run the risk of showing off all their skills, creating a confusing mess. On first listen, I wondered where the album was going, but The Fugitives manage to strut their stuff without leaving us behind.” – See (Edmonton)

“The latest batch of smart, literary folk tunes is an honest, hilarious and often poignant look at love and relationships — warts and all…. From the joys of co-habitation to the frustrations of being in a stifling relationship, Eccentrically We Love’s success lies in its vivid — and hyper-realistic — lyrics.” – Uptown (Winnipeg)

“Render(s) musical definition superfluous. And just when it seems safe to create a new genre of let’s say, ‘roots pop show tunes’, a song as moving as ‘City of Rain’ jumps in to redefine things once again. – Scene Magazine

“Much like K'naan who moved from rapping to singing, the Fugitives have a more musical approach to this disc… and this record could do for these wordsmiths what Troubador has done for the young Somalian-born rapper. On the title track they say "We are always talking but are we really saying anything?" Answer in the affirmative.” – Durhamregion

“The band makes excellent use of their vocal harmonies.” – Grayowl Point

“Elegant, thoughtful, and intelligent folk-music….it is hard not to be impressed with the dedication and concern which must have gone into making this album” – Midday Procrastination

“…showcases the talents of a promising young Canadian band.” – The Concordian (Montreal)

 “A cheery flow of contemporary folk, displaying both light-hearted, playful styles and some dark and eccentric themes.” – McGill Tribune (Montreal)

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