The Fugitives

The Fugitives, established in 2007, have released four records, which have been nominated for multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Western Canadian Music Award. Their previous album, Everything Will Happen, spent ten weeks on the top ten Canadian folk charts, and earned them a support slot across Western Canada with Buffy Sainte-Marie and an appearance at UK’s Glastonbury Festival. Their follow-up, The Promise of Strangers, is set for release on January 26th on Borealis Records.


The Fugitives - New Music for Sale!

Our newest is called the 'Try It On' mix! It comes in the form of a digital dropcard. Which sounds fancy, but it's nothing to be scared of. It's actually simple: you send us ten bucks, and we email you a code, with which you can access 11 new Fugitives tracks, which go straight on your Itunes!

The Fugitives Dropcard

11 tracks for 10 bucks! Holy crap!

Read about what you are getting here:

Try It On: Mix

If you've been to one of our shows, you know that at some point we always "break up the band" and do solo pieces. Beyond the pure, sweet joy of giving each other goofy intros, we LOVE doing this, for the chance to stuff your ears with our individual passions.

The Fugitives are proud to present a selection of brand new stuff! The band pieces are two songs we recorded in December for the holidays. All of the solo pieces are from forthcoming albums: Adrian's are from his new album, 'Bruise' due in April; Barbara's are from her just released Fang EP (accordion shout rock!); Brendan's are excerpts from his full length monologue, which also drops in April. This is fresh stuff!

Track Listing:

1. It's Not Christmas (The Fugitives)

2. Children of Divorce (Fang (Barbara Adler))

3. 7 or 8 Days (Adrian Glynn)

4. The Fruit Machine (Brendan McLeod)

5. Christmas at the Office Party (The Fugitives)

6. Bruise (Adrian Glynn)

7. How Not to Write a Love Letter (Brendan McLeod)

8. Walking (Fang (Barbara Adler))

9. Breaking Up Sucks (Brendan McLeod)

10. 200 Days (Adrian Glynn)

11. Let it Rest (Barbara Adler)

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