The Fugitives

The Fugitives, established in 2007, have released four records, which have been nominated for multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards and a Western Canadian Music Award. Their previous album, Everything Will Happen, spent ten weeks on the top ten Canadian folk charts, and earned them a support slot across Western Canada with Buffy Sainte-Marie and an appearance at UK’s Glastonbury Festival. Their follow-up, The Promise of Strangers, is set for release on January 26th on Borealis Records.


Weird Peak Performance blog #1

Adrian’s gone rogue. He doesn’t care about the music. He’s using the bootcamp to initiate a gruelling fitness regimen on himself. Today he completed 200 push-ups; 197 crunch-ups; 53 pull-me-ups; 5 sets of how-do-you-dos; 9 how’s-your-mothers and a full circuit of crispy cakewalks. He swam across the lake without kicking once. He shot hoops to warm up and played hockey to warm down. He’s already asleep in moon-boots hanging  from the ceiling and an alarm rings every hour for him to curl-up and touch his toes. I’m on my own here. Me and the music. I write marketing plans in my sleep. I wrote a song while I was writing this and another one while I was writing that. I make this look easy. And now it’s time for some crunch-ups of my own.




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